Fields of Expertise


It is essential that each of our clients is properly informed and prepared for any unexpected risks, which may be encountered along the way.  Prudently designed risk management programs help prepare for encountering these potential stumbling blocks.

The Jacobs Team assists in crafting appropriate designs risk management strategies.  This requires patience in formulating and time to help ensure it is optimally carried out as planned.  Life, disability income and long-term care insurance can help provide fulfillment of a family's dream.



Amid the seemingly infinite approaches to investment management strategies, our focus is on helping to ensure our clients appreciate the relationship between return and risk and that we understand their personal tolerance for risk.

Our Investment Team develops and documents a written investment strategy established through collaborative efforts.

  • Establish and document the goals for our client's financial future.
  • Establish and document the client's risk tolerance.
  • Establish and document a long-term investment plan.
  • Regularly monitor results and modify plan as necessary.